The Sulphur Fire

By Lori Ann Peters-Herren

The Sulphur Fire started Sunday, October 8th, off of Sulpher Bank Road in Clearlake near the Elem Indian Colony of Pomo Indians Reservation. This is the *5th worst fire in the last three years in Lake County, CA. Lake County is known for its beauty and rural living just one hour north of Napa Valley.

The City of Clearlake has been devastated by the Sulphur Fire. With the many northern California Fires it is imperative that we work together to care for the City of Clearlake. We will need to assist families in re-building their home here in Clearlake and to re-build parts of Clearlake so that we hold onto our town’s beauty and character.

Our county has already lost thousands of homes in the past fires, scattering families without a home. Many families leaving the county. We want to keep our community and help each other through this crisis.

We can do this with your help. Please consider donating money to help re-build homes and lives right here in our home, Clearlake.

*2015 Rocky Fire, 2015 Jeruselum Fire, 2015 Valley Fire, 2016 Clayton Fire, and now the 2017 Sulphur Fire

Photos courtesy of Bob Minenna