Senator McGuire announces $50,000 grant to improve Lake County’s emergency evacuation shelter in Clearlake


For Immediate Release: May 30, 2018

Contact: Kerrie Lindecker, or (707) 319-3654

Sacramento, CA – Since 2015, Lake County has suffered from a series of devastating wildland fires which has destroyed nearly 2,000 homes, hundreds of additional buildings have been leveled and the fires scorched tens of thousands of acres. The cumulative impact to Lake County has been significant.

This week, Senator Mike McGuire is excited to announce that $50,000 has been awarded to the Lake Area Rotary Club Association (LARCA) to improve Lake County’s evacuation shelter system by Bay Area non-profit organization, Tipping Point Community. Senator McGuire has been working with local elected officials and non-profit leaders to secure the funds which will make desperately needed investments to enhance and modernize Lake County’s emergency shelter system.

“Lake County has suffered significantly from the impacts of five major fires over these past three years, and it’s become crystal clear the emergency shelter system had to be improved and modernized to meet what has become our new normal,” Senator Mike McGuire said. “We are grateful for the incredible generosity of Tipping Point, the Lake County Community Action Group who have been leading this effort and PG&E. All have stepped up to make these needed improvements and help the County and City become more resilient in times of disaster.”

The funds, awarded by Tipping Point – a non-profit focused on breaking the cycle of poverty and a  significant funder in the North Bay fire recovery efforts – will be used to make critical improvements to the Clearlake Community Senior Center, which acts as the area’s emergency facility during times of crisis. Paired with grants from PG&E and other community groups, the improvements will include purchasing a generator so the shelter can provide uninterruptible power, 24-7, for seventy-two hours. In addition, local officials will purchase or construct portable shower/bathroom facilities with one ADA compliant facility, a storage room for emergency supplies, and a trailer frame to transport the portable shower/bathroom facilities. These enhancements will fix glaring challenges the County and City of Clearlake have faced during the multiple mass evacuations over the last few years.

“The Lake County fires, along with two flood events, have had an immense impact on our community over the past several years,” said Russ Cremer, Clearlake City Councilmember and Treasurer of LARCA. “Thanks to the leadership of LARCA, Senator McGuire and the fantastic generosity of Tipping Point, these funds will provide us with the ability to complete the infrastructure for an emergency evacuation shelter at our Clearlake Community Senior Center. Residents from all across the county will be better served by these enhancements during our greatest times of need.”

The total project budget is: $169,437. Thus far, support for this project has been overwhelming, raising approximately $147,000. This includes the investment from the Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund, a grant from PG&E of $75,000 to purchase a generator and transfer switch for the facility. Clearlake Rotary through fundraising will also be contributing $14,000 to the project, and about $8,300 will be provided by the Lake Area Rotary Club Association (LARCA) Fire Relief Fund.

“The impact of the North Bay fires will be long felt in the region, but those who are low-income will have the steepest climb ahead,” said Daniel Lurie, CEO and Founder of Tipping Point. “Improvements to the evacuation shelter will provide a safe haven in the event of another disaster for those who have nowhere else to turn.”

Rotary District 5130 Business Recovery Grant Program

The Rotary District 5130 Fire Relief Fund, with the support of the Redwood Credit Union Community Fund, Inc and their partnership with the Press Democrat and the Office of Senator McGuire, has made available a grant program to small businesses located in the areas of Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Lake Counties affected by the recent devastating fires. 


The Rotary Business Grant Recovery Program began in 2015 in Lake County in response to the devastation created during the Valley Fire and then again with the Clayton Fire a year later.  

Brett Martinez, President of Redwood Credit Union states “Our hearts go out to the local businesses who were impacted by the fires.  We’re thankful for Rotary’s partnership in assisting businesses to rebuild.  The program provided tremendous support over the past couple of years in response to the Lake County Fires, and we are confident that it will continue to help our business communities recover”. 

The goal of this grant program is to assist in fire recovery with an emphasis on getting store front, agriculture and home businesses back into operation and prevention of closure due to losses suffered as a result of the fires.  Grants of up to $5,000 will be made based upon need to businesses with 25 or less employees. 

According to Bob Rogers, District Governor for Rotary District 5130, “Businesses are the heart of a community and we believe that it’s important to support them in the rebuilding process while helping them get back on their feet during these unprecedented times”.  

In addition to the Business Recovery Grants, the Rotary District 5130 Fire Relief Fund is also taking General Assistance grant requests to assist the recovery in the areas of Youth Services, Tree Reforestation and Grief Counseling. For more information or to complete a grant application online please visit:  

Applications may be submitted online or mailed to:

Rotary District 5130 Fire Relief Fund
P. O. Box 2921
Clearlake, CA 95422

Or emailed to:

The Rotary District 5130 Fire Relief Fund is administered by the Lake Area Rotary Clubs Association a registered 501c3 #46-1149482



Updated October 27, 2017

During the night on Sunday, October 8th 14 separate fires erupted in the North Bay communities of, Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino counties.  Tens of thousands of residents fled for their lives with, in most cases, just the clothes on their backs.  Many of those residents are still displaced, having lost their homes or their homes being currently unlivable. To date, nearly 8,000 structures have been destroyed and many lives have been lost with the death toll creeping up almost daily.  The immediate financial needs for these communities are vast.

The Rotary District 5130 Fire Relief Fund is now accepting cash donations to support those in Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino counties.  “The magnitude of the devastation that is occurring right now in the North Bay and Wine Country is vast and far reaching.  The recovery and rebuild is going to be a long process but we are confident that we can lead the way in bringing these communities back.  Rotarians know how to get things done and won’t stop until we reach the finish line.” Stated Bob Rogers, Rotary District 5130 Governor.  

The Rotary 5130 Fire Relief Fund is administered by Rotarians and supports a multitude of areas of need as identified, including but not limited to; small business grants, housing, shelter support, grief counseling, unmet needs and any other assistance to the businesses and residents that have been displaced by this tragedy.  100% of all donations will be used to support the fire survivors with no fund overhead expense.

The fund is the outgrowth of The Lake Area Rotary Club Fire Relief Fund (LARCA) that was created by the Lake County Rotary clubs in 2015 after a series of fires ravaged through their communities, including the devastating Valley Fire, and raised nearly $1 Million.  The LARCA fund has been successfully deployed these past 18 months.  Ron Roberts, President of the Lake Area Rotary Club Association said, “The goal of our committee from day 1 has been to find the holes in the system and get the help to where it is needed most and do it with zero overhead costs.”  He goes on to state, “With the onslaught of these new and incredibly devastating fires in our neighboring counties, it’s now time to take that knowledge and experience we gained here in Lake County and expand it to help others.”

For more information on the fund or to donate online, go to  Questions can be sent to   Checks can be mailed payable to: 

“LARCA Rotary District 5130 Fire Relief Fund”  
PO Box 2921
Clearlake CA 95422

501c3 Non-Profit # 46-1149482

The Sulphur Fire

The Sulphur Fire

The Sulphur Fire started Sunday, October 8th, off of Sulpher Bank Road in Clearlake near the Elem Indian Colony of Pomo Indians Reservation. This is the *5th worst fire in the last three years in Lake County, CA. Lake County is known for its beauty and rural living just one hour north of Napa Valley.

Two Lake County Non-Profit Organizations Partner with East Lake RCD to Support Reforestation in Fire-Ravaged Communities

Lake County, Calif. – Two Lake County-based non-profit organizations have provided much- needed financial support to assist in the reforestation efforts for the areas ravaged by last September’s Valley Fire.

#LakeCountyRising is a collaborative fundraising effort of the Lake County Winegrape Commission, Lake County Winery Association, and Lake County Wine Alliance. The Lake Area Rotary Club Association (LARCA) is a non-profit foundation comprised of the 4 Rotary Clubs in Lake County – Lakeport, Middletown, Clearlake and Kelseyville. Together, these two entities have provided the necessary dollars to jumpstart the much needed reforestation in the fire affected areas.

The Lake Area Rotary Club Association donates $3,000.00 for the Integrated Public Alert Warning System.

The tragedies of the record breaking 2015 fire season in Lake County generated a great deal of community support, collaboration, and teamwork. Countless individuals, organizations, friends, strangers, and neighbors came together in response to these disasters. One such group was a conglomerate of Rotary, International organizations based right here in Lake County. The Lake Area Rotary Club Association (LARCA) was formed to distribute donations that had been gathered from the various Rotary clubs based in Lake County.