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The collective efforts of Rotary Clubs of Lake county will use a combination of organization, fund raising, volunteers and cooperation with other organizations to help those devastated by the Valley, Jerusalem and Rocky Fires - and now the Clayton - Fires in both the immediate and long term.


Our Mission

The mission of the Lake Area Rotary Club Association Fire Relief Fund is to provide help in the most efficient and effective way to those devastated by wildfires in Lake County.

The LARCA Fire Relief Fund has helped raise over $935,000 as of January 15, 2017.
— Russ Cremer, LARCA Treasurer


  •  Provide immediate help to families and businesses (including agriculture) to get them resettled in at least temporary housing (families) or establishments (businesses) by filling in gaps of support not provided by other entities.  
  • Continue fund raising sufficient to carry out our efforts on a continuing basis and to inform our donors of the work their donations made possible.


Dirk Slooten, Chairman, Clearlake
Russell Cremer, Treasurer, Clearlake
Dana Moore, Clearlake
Gary Judd, Kelseyville
Flora Krasnovsky, Kelseyville
Neferti Kinser, Kelseyville
Nanette Dutcher, Lakeport 
Melissa Fulton, Lakeport
Dave Meek, Lakeport
Kathey Crothers, Middletown
Ron Roberts, Middletown
Dennis Skinner, Middletown
Ruth Darling, Asst. Gov.*
Jennifer Strong, Public Relations*
Jennifer Dodd, Long Term Liason*
Kim McDonald, District Liason*

*Non-Voting Members