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Rotary Business Recovery Grant Program for Recovery from the Fires of Lake County

Program Goals: Assist in fire recovery for businesses in the area of the fires with an emphasis on getting agriculture, store front, and home businesses back into operation or preventing from closing down due to losses suffered as a result of the fires.

Program rules: Grants of up to $5,000 will be made based upon need. If an applicant only needs a smaller amount of money to accomplish our goals that is what should be approved. For example if a contractor needs and requests $1,000 to replace tools, or a farmer needs $1,000 dollars of feed for animals that would be the amount to be approved.

The intent of the grant is not simply to replace losses suffered from the fire so much as to get or keep the business in operation

Whether the business owners had insurance or have applied for business loans (private or government) does not prevent them from applying for the grant. Our goal is to speed the process of recovery. 

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Instructions to Grant Approval Subcommittee 

The subcommittee of three members established by The LARCA Fire Relief Committee will schedule a site visit to the business and discuss with owner(s)/applicant(s )what their business needs are, how the money will be used, and the impact of the grant on their ability to reopen or continue in operation. 

In order to approve a grant the vote of the members of the subcommittee must be unanimous. 

In making a decision to approve or not an application, the committee should consider whether the grant will allow the business to remain open or reopen as a result. 

It is important to protect the funds available against fraudulent misuse. While it is recognized most grant applicants will be completely legitimate, the subcommittee must be sensitive to the potential for fraud. This is why an on site visit will be conducted along with efforts to ensure that the business was operational before the fires, damaged by the fires and the grant will be used to recover, remain open or reopen using the funds provided.

The subcommittee will emphasize to grant recipients the importance of our receiving feedback from them on the impact of receiving this grant. This will help us ensure the program is working well or what improvements need to be made. It will also help us let donors know their funds were put to good use and perhaps convince donors to continue to fund our efforts. 

It is very important that the subcommittee maintains good records of it’s work. This is emphasized in the applicable IRS regulations for non-profits. Please annotate and as necessary add addendums to explain your efforts on each application to determine whether the applicant has accessed other funds for the same purpose.